Friday, August 26, 2011

Straight jacket.

Like most girls, I adore my hairdresser/stylist/hair-man/whatever you want to call him. A visit to Jeff every six weeks makes me a little giddy. When I get that reminder call from him it puts a huge smile on my face, knowing I am going to get a much needed haircut and some quality time with my man Jeff. We tackle heavy world topics, like who was kicked off of Dancing with the Stars and what Kim Kardashian is wearing (or not wearing).

After he cuts my hair, Jeff always asks me the same question, “straight or curly?” Now as you know I am a curly hair girl at heart. I do not own a flat iron, curling iron, or even a hairbrush. Obviously I never ever tackle the task of straightening my hair at home, since it would take too long and I would need to work out for weeks to develop the arm muscles needed for the task. So when Jeff asks, I take advantage of his offer, and his muscles.

Poor Jeff, he has to use a cocktail of multiple products, multiple brushes, and practically put his foot on my back to pull the long, unruly curls straight. It’s quite an undertaking, and when he is done he looks like he just ran a marathon.

God bless him, the end result is I am a new woman. Seriously, I feel like I am wearing a wig. I like to call myself Lola and run my fingers through my hair without getting stuck. So shiny, so smooth, so straight!

Her name was Lola,
she was a showgirl.

But there is a downside to getting my hair straightened…the endless questions from people who are stupefied by my new look. These questions are asked repeatedly any time I have straight hair, usually by the same people:

• Will your hair get curly again?
• Is that a new hairdo?
• How did that happen?
• Why did you do that?

It’s almost enough to make me not do it, having to explain over and over that yes, when I get it wet my hair will be curly again, and YES it is a new hairdo – and by the way, who says hairdo? The same people who say they went to the “beauty parlor.”

Jeff used a cocktail on me today from a brand he loves called evo. They are adorable like philosophy with their use of lowercase letters only, and cutesy names. Today he used a volumizing product called “root canal” and a smoothing fluid called “easy tiger.” Again, adorable.

I will sleep tonight propped up with pillows, on a satin pillowcase, praying for no rain or humidity so I can keep the straight hair as long as possible. Wish me luck. Actually, wish me more luck in answering all the questions tomorrow about my "hairdo."

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  1. I love when you walk in to the office with straight hair. I then know my appointment is in the next few days:o)