Monday, August 22, 2011

Brown eyes go green.

I started buying organic apples when I found out that the coat of waxy stuff on the outside of my Golden Delicious was...not so delicious. After the apples, I moved on to other veggies, fruit, and milk.

Yes it is more expensive but I feel better knowing I’m not eating a bunch of chemicals, and that the cow whose milk is on my Frosted Mini-Wheats was leading a relatively happy life. As far as happy-cow-lives go.

Physicians Formula has a line of organic make up that is good for your skin and good for the environment. This has always been a line that my contact lens wearing friends rave about because their products are free of harsh chemicals and don’t irritate their peepers like other products do. People with allergies also rave about Physicians Formula blush and foundation since it is so gentle and free of synthetic stuff.

But I am going to be honest when I tell you that what really drew me to Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara. It wasn't the long as hell product name - it was the packaging! I don't usually stop and look at the Physicians Formula, I am fine with the parabens and the red dye #5. But this Birkenstock-wearing mascara tube stopped and called my name.

And yes, like the organic apples vs. the chemical-waxy apples, the mascara was a little more expensive, but still rang in under ten bucks - not bad.

Like a stalk of fresh asparagus, I plucked it up and took it home to try. A nice, big, thick brush put a coat of super rich, black mascara onto my puny lashes, with no flaking or clumping throughout the day. This stuff rules! And again, how adorable that I am holding onto a leaf to apply my eye make up. A-dorable.

Just like the happy cow that gave me my milk for my cereal, I imagine that my new mascara came from a happy mother earth scientist, creating this organic product just for me.

This mascara can be recycled;
It also doubles as a magic wand for my three-year-old.

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