Friday, July 29, 2011

You're the prime rib at my meat market.

The worst pick up lines I have ever heard?
Easy! They are so memorable:

“I forgot my phone number, can I have yours?” Ick.

“Do you have a map? I am lost in your eyes.” Yeesch.

And my all time favorite, said to me by a shirtless cowboy in acid wash jeans in Tampa, Florida during one of many insane spring breaks:

“Hey baby, how’s about going up to my hotel room and breakin’ some springs of our own?”


Do guys still use pickup lines and if so…why? What girl is going to think, “How charming, he really thinks that I am an angel who fell from heaven?”

On a separate note, I feel the same way about the guys who honk their horns at me while I am walking down the street. It makes me think I may get hit by a car, and that is definitely not a turn on. Also, what girl thinks, “That guy is totally awesome because he honked his horn at me?”

Attention men around the world: No more pick up lines and no more honking. We don’t like it.

But I did pick up something recently that I am loving.

The Balm has a set of eye-liners in packaging so fun and sexy, how could I not pick it up?

Pick Up Liners includes three mini eye pencils in Romeo (smoky gray), Don Juan (deep black), and Casanova (rich brown). It is the perfect size for your bag, the colors are waterproof and soft – you can easily do the sexy-smudgy thing with them, and again, will you look how great the packaging is! And hello, the box even has a built-in sharpener on the side. I am even a little more smitten.

The size of the box reminded me of some mini “Hello Kitty” or “Little Twin Stars” item I would have gotten as a treat when I was a little girl. Remember those little perfect boxes of mini-markers, colored pencils or crayons from back in the day?

The box has a very 60’s retro looking cartoon that looks like one of those pulp fiction novels. And of course, the box includes a pick up line:

“Your name must be Mickey ‘cuz you’re so fine.”

Now if the shirtless acid wash cowboy would have said that to me, it could of been a different story.

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