Monday, July 18, 2011

Pretty princess.

When I was nine I got this awesome travel set called “Princess Pretty Party Travel Case Set.”

Whew – that was kind of a mouthful.

The Princess Pretty Party Travel Case Set was a white vinyl bag with a hot pink lipstick and a hot pink nail polish.

I guess if you are a princess and you are travelling that is all the product you need to take on your trip.

The lipstick and the nail polish were also both kissed with a heavenly strawberry scent - why not? Who doesn’t want their fingertips to smell like a berry? You bet my nine year old self did!

The box had a beautiful blond woman on it with perfectly coiffed ‘70’s hair. She wore white, was very tan, and I imagined she was getting ready to go roller skating or out disco dancing with John Travolta.

The whole family was understandably excited
about the arrival of the Princess!

Today a weekend away requires more than a smelly lipstick and nail polish.

When I used to go away for a long weekend I hated that I had to pack multiple big clunky bottles and tubes to get my face clean. Cleanser, face scrub, toner, moisturizer - no matter how hard I tried something would leak and I ended up saying bad words and washing money down the drain.

That’s no way to start a vacation!

No more lugging multiple products – I have a new travel companion. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes are my new favorite thing in the world. They take my eye makeup off in one swoop - even my waterproof mascara - without giving me raccoon eyes. And they also remove my red lipstick without giving me that “Robert Smith from The Cure” look.

My skin is super-sensitive and prone to breakouts, but I've been happily pimple-free since trying these. They truly remove foundation, powder and blush without having to use water and without feeling greasy.

I have tried similar products, such as dry cleansing cloths where you add water to create a lather, but they always felt rough and scratchy and my face never really felt clean. The Neutrogena ones work a bazillion times better.

They come in a resalable pouch that keeps them nice and fresh and they travel really well (although maybe not as well as the strawberry lipstick and nail polish travelled in the white vinyl bag back in the day).

Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes may not have the allure of a Pretty Princess product - but they do help me sleep like a beauty.

Take it off - take it all off.

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