Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pretty, period.

You know those Always Maxi Pad commercials where the tag line is “Have A Happy Period?” Those ads don't make me very happy - they mostly make me want to punch the guy who wrote them in the mouth. 

I don’t know about you but my period is anything but happy. Unless the word “happy” now means irritable, crampy, unable to button my jeans. In that is the case I am ECSTATIC.

Last night I was in bed looking through a lipgloss magazine and I came across an ad for a feminine product that took the idea of a happy period to a whole new level. Are you ready for this?

Kotex has made your period artistic!

For reals.

Finally, we women can have maxi pads with a choice of graphic designs printed on them. Because yeah, there is a need for that! I am often embarrassed by how un-artistic my maxi pads currently are, so this new discovery is just in time.

U by Kotex Designer Series offers four unique themes, I guess depending on your periods mood that month:

“Free Style” Pads.
For the period that is totally groovy, likes bold colors, and owns a surfboard.

“Poptimistic” Pads.
This period is into Andy Warhol, likes pop-art, and underground jazz clubs.

"Boho" Pads.
Boho periods are totally bohemian, they recycle. And they like paisley. A LOT.

and my personal favorite...

"Punk Glam" Tampons.
Hot pink and black - just like real punk rockers - these tampons are ready to get all up in your business and enjoy mosh pits, piercings, mohawks, and The Sex Pistols.

So seriously, this is happening. I just thought you all should know.
You now have the ability to have an artsy, happy period.

My period enjoys long walks on the beach, Julia Roberts movies, and oh yeah - butterflies.

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