Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Plump up the volume.

I have always liked the word buxom.

It seems like a more tasteful, refined way of stating the obvious.

More refined than say, words like “busty”, “big-chested”, or “bazoomy” which were words I often heard used to describe me in my pre-teen years – which is just what a pre-teen girl wants to hear about her pre-teen self.

Buxom is a way to describe old Hollywood glamour, women with curves and attitude - like Jayne Mansfield, Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe.

Buxom beauties.

Today, rather than bazoomy, I prefer to think of myself more on the buxom side of the spectrum. Which is why I was totally drawn to Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish by Bare Escentuals. They call it Buxom because it makes your lips more, well, buxom.

This lip gloss plumps up your pout without making your lips feel like they are on cinnamon-candy-fire, the sensation I have had when experimenting with other “plumping” glosses. Buxom leaves you with a more tingly, cooling sensation which in my opinion is much more pleasant.

I have to admit the packaging of this product is what drew me in, because it is all big and buxomy too! The tube is super hefty and holds a lot of gloss, so you feel like you’re getting your bux worth. Most of the colors are pretty sheer, giving your lips just a hint of plumping color. The different shades are named after sassy women, like Betty, Trixie, and Bunny. I love their everyday shimmery muted plum color called Dolly – how appropriate.

Bottom line, this product makes my lips look more voluptuous – which is another word that I love.

Finally, a body part we would like to appear more plump, instead of less so. I’m all over that.

This gloss makes me want to slip into my white dress, pointy toed heels, and faux-fur wrap and take my buxom self to a dark little nightclub for fancy cocktails.

The bazoomy girl of the past can stay home.

What a dolly!

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  1. This too is my fave lip product. Last year at Ava's dance recital I forgot about the 'tingling' it causes. After I applied it to 12- 6 year old girls they were all saying their lips hurt and wiping it off:o)