Friday, July 1, 2011

A little sparkle.

Oh, Fourth of July, I do love thee.

In Ossining, New York there was always a little Independence Day Parade the afternoon of July fourth. The parade included fire trucks, police cars, people you didn’t know in convertibles waving at you and the local pharmacist dressed as a clown. It was your typical neighborhood parade where you wore your red, white and blue, and waved your little plastic flag with pride.

I was all about the new special outfit, and waving my flag and sparklers like a maniac.

I LOVE sparklers.

I would kill to have those pants to wear this year.

I love writing my name with them in the air and watching the lightning bug-like trail of light that follows each letter.

I love the subtle different colors that fly off of them in silver, gold and bluey-green.

I love letting it burn all the way down to your fingertips and the sulfur smell it gives off when it dies out.

Today, everyday can be like the Fourth of July thanks to MAC Pigment!

I have had the same little container of the shade Frozen White in my make up bag for over a year. Pigment is loose color that adheres easily to the skin and can be used in many ways – as an eye shadow, mixed in with nail or lip color, and basically anywhere on the body you want to create your own little electric spark.

Pigment comes in a variety of explosive colors from Wonder Woman Bright Fuchsia to Marine Ultra Blue. I went with a neutral, shimmery color, since I can use it all over my bod. It lets me get more firecracker bang for my buck.

This year on the Fourth I will let the boys play with their smoke bombs, roman candles, and those snakes that grow out of a tablet after you light them on fire.

You’ll find me sporting a little sparkle, happily writing my name in the air.

I miss the old neighborhood parade.
But I sure don’t miss that pharmacist clown.

lil' miss firecracker.

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