Friday, July 22, 2011

It's a match!

I have two words for those couples who walk around with matching t-shirts, windbreakers, or baseball caps.


I have three words for my thirteen year old self and my B/F/F Susie.


Susie was my best friend growing up in New York, and after we moved to Florida she came out to visit me a few times. It really made the transition easier to have a friend to go to the beach and to the mall with.

Too bad when Susie and I were at the mall, we seemed to make some of these unfortunate choices:

Hell yeah we went to the RUN DMC concert at the Sun Dome. This photo was, of course, the following day. You always wore your concert t-shirt the next day to prove you were there and show everybody how cool you were. From what I remember, this concert kicked ass, as it also included Whodini, LL Cool J, and the Beastie Boys who were like eleven years old at the time. Susie and I really shook things up, me with the red pants and her with the white ones. We were two little white girls trying to raise some serious hell. Also note both of our scrunched up socks and Susie’s sweet mullet.

Wow, this was obviously my mother’s favorite place to take our picture because here we are again in that same corner by the pool. We got our act together accessory-wise, sporting gigantic hoop earrings and matching white bracelets. Nice, bright white shorts – very short for me, a much better look on Susie. And I believe the t-shirt said something touristy on it like “Florida” or “Tampa” on it, just in case I forgot where I was now living. If you look close you can see that we are also both wearing little ‘80’s pins on our t-shirts which were purchased at the RUN DMC concert. Again, this is so you knew WE WERE THERE. Also note, nothing helps beat the Florida heat like scrunched up thick socks.

This one kind of makes my head spin. My mother decided to photograph us inside to better capture the magic that was these matching outfits. We were on our way to do a lip-sync contest at Faces Teen Night Club. We were lip-synching “Baby Love”, a one hit wonder by a singer named simply Regina. So it was a song sung by one person that we broke up into two parts…brilliant! So much going on here, from the long silver knotted pearls, to the way-too-tight-for-thirteen-year-old-girls tanks tops, to the white and black pumps and the SILVER BELTS. But the pi├Ęce de resistance had to be the black lace gloves. We must not have been able to afford two, since we each wearing one.

Eventually Susie's summertime visits were less and less and we ended up losing touch with each other. I never had another girlfriend who I felt compelled to dress exactly the same as after Susie. I think sharing the same look helped me to feel closer to her, no matter how truly bad the look was.

It helped that after Susie got on the plane to go back home to New York, I had that silver belt to go home and put on - so I could feel close to her. 

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