Thursday, July 7, 2011

Don't give me no lip.

Aveda products have always mystified me.

They kind of have that earthy, groovy, hip- hippie quality to them. Back in college when I was sporting my baja and my Birkenstocks I was all about wearing the Aveda oils as my signature scent.

The oils were supposed to help out with my chakras, make me feel more balanced and want to meditate. Now, I don’t know how a perfume (or “pure-fume” as Aveda calls it) can help me go on a spiritual journey, all I know is that I stopped wearing it because of a guy in my Biology class with an Aveda aversion.

As a theatre major I was forced to choose between Biology and Algebra so I decided science would be the lesser of two evils. Not so much. Science still had that formula, math element to it that I despised. I loved all of my other classes - Theatre History, Acting, Sexual Education (counted toward a “health” credit – woo-hoo!), but Biology filled me with angst and dread.

I was paired up with a lab partner named Seth, who was some sort of super genius science whiz, which was awesome and awful at the same time. Awesome because he could do most of the work and I could just sit there in my baja and look cool. Awful because he snickered at me and made me feel dumb when I didn’t know that Li was the symbol for lithium on the periodic table.

I only knew that “Lithium” was a song I liked by Nirvana.

I guess Seth not only had a problem with my lack of enthusiasm about all things scientific, he also had a problem with my scented chakra-calming oils that I wore to class. He spoke with the professor about my scents, which he called “distracting.” I guess there is a thing as too much sandalwood.

I was switched to having a lab partner named Corrin, who was known as a big party girl in the dorms. She lived in the basement of the dormitory which was referred to as the dungeon, if that gives you any indication as to what went on down there.

I knew I was screwed. Now I had to be the smart one. Great.

I cut back on the Aveda oils and have kind of had an aversion to them ever since.

Years have now gone by and I found myself recently back at Aveda. The smell as I walked by was much lighter, much prettier than I remembered. I decided to go in and check out the make up.

I fell in love with a new lip gloss, and you know how I love a good gloss.

Aveda Lip Shine is a gorgeous, wet-looking lip gloss that doesn’t go on sticky. It has a fresh scent and a minty taste to it since it contains vanilla, peppermint and cinnamon oils. Yummy! It comes in a variety of pretty, earthy colors but I went with a nude called Golden Prism, and am loving it over a lipstick or by itself.

Aveda, I welcome you back into my life. You are my current lip gloss obsession and let me tell you that is high praise.

I did go over and take a sniff of the oils for old time’s sake. Here is what came to mind:

• Science
• Nirvana
• The party girl from the dungeon

I don’t think I’m due for an oil change for at least another ten years or so.
I’ll stick with perfume or the time being, thank-you-very-much.

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  1. Ha! I wish there were teachers in real-adult-life we could tattle to for other's various overwhelming smells. ;) I have a few I'd like to report!