Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Better on paper.

During spring break of my junior year of high school I met a boy on the beach. My girlfriends and I were doing our usual Saturday night routine of cruising the strip of Clearwater Beach when a tall, blond-haired, baby-faced, very preppy looking boy approached the car window. His name was Todd and he was down for spring break from Michigan competing in a lacrosse tournament. Now I didn’t really know what a lacrosse tournament was or exactly where on the map Michigan was, but I was very smitten with Todd.

We spent a day or two hanging out, making out, and trying in the limited time we had together to get to know everything about each other. We exchanged addresses and decided that we would become pen pals, so we could keep in touch.

On the day Todd left to go home (day two of me knowing of his existence) I bawled my eyes out like the love of my life was going off to war. I retreated to my room for several days of mourning, not wanting to come out and face the fact that the person I had built up in my mind to be my future husband was now gone. My parents were confused, wondering who the hell Todd was.

Awww, sweet, right?

My pen pal stuck true to his word and we exchanged letters back and forth. Sometimes I would get two or three a day from him! We also were constantly on the phone with each other - I racked up a gi-normous phone bill that summer that I was punished for, which was fine; because talking for hours on end to Todd made it totally worth it. After all, he was the future father of my children.

Todd asked if there was any way my parents would let me come out to Michigan to visit. No way, I thought, my parents don’t know this guy – they won’t allow their daughter to get on an airplane and go across the country to visit a stranger and his family. They could be crazy, they could be killers.

But after much begging and pleading my mother got on the phone with Todd’s mother, and they decided it would be okay for me to visit. I have no idea how this happened, but it did and I was beside myself with excitement.

Countdown to the big visit included a lot of shopping, laying out in the sun, exercising, and not much eating. Everything had to be perfect! I actually thought Todd might propose while I was there – or at least give me a promise ring, so I made sure my nails looked pretty too.

When I got off the plane he was there with balloons, and his mom. He was still cute like I remembered and he had really soft, downy hair. He sat in the backseat with me while his mom drove us home and held my hand. I was on cloud nine.

When we got to his house I learned something else about Todd. He was rich! He lived in a really big house with many guest room options for me to sleep in. This was a nice bonus - maybe our little girl could take horseback riding lessons.

There was a sweet banner that he had made for me hanging in the kitchen that said “WELCOME TO MICHIGAN LORI ANN”. I don’t know why but he liked calling me by my first and middle name. Maybe it made me sound more preppy, like him. I liked it.

We had a really great first night together, and he told me all of the little day trips we were going to take and places that he wanted to show me. Then something happened.

I guess between day one and day two he had a change of heart.

The next day he was acting different, more distant, and not holding my hand anymore. My mind was racing, trying to figure out what I could have possibly done. All I knew was that he had been on the phone for quite a while with a girl, who he said was an ex-girlfriend. I was beginning to think maybe she wasn’t an ex, but maybe an actual girlfriend who had found out her boyfriend was having an out-of-town visitor.

I had a week left to go, a week that was supposed to be glorious, magical, and life changing. Instead it was dull, hot (not in a good way), and lonely.

Todd’s baby-face, preppy clothes, and downy hair started to really annoy me. He would go out with friends, leaving me with his parents to rent a movie and hang out. I cried, called my parents, and was totally homesick. It was the longest week of my life and I had to just stick it out.

I was so happy when the day came that I got to go home to my friends and family. They had missed me too and had a little party for me the night I got home.

There were no more letters after that from my pen pal, and that was fine by me. So long Michigan, big house, and horseback riding daughter. Back to reality – and back to the beach to find the next future husband/father of my children.

The boy is a NERD and has "serious problems."


  1. My God you were so fickle! I love that he goes from being the love of your life to being a nerd and having serious problems in a weeks time:o)
    By the way, Ava will be lucky to go to her in-town boyfriends house let alone out of state! You were so spoiled!!!

  2. Whahh? I can't believe his parents just let him leave you in their house while he went out. Nerd? I think not, try douchebag :) Now that's sassy!