Thursday, June 23, 2011

You so crazy.

When I was a little girl, regular bar soap was simply not good enough to get me clean.

I needed something different!
I needed something in a can!
I needed something CRAZY!

I looked forward to bath time thanks to my Wonder Woman Crazy Foam.

Crazy Foam was a staple of any child’s bathtub in the mid 70’s. It came in a shaving cream type can, with a characters picture on it.

Um, is that really where Spiderman's mouth would be?

The foam (that was so crazy) came spewing out of the characters mouth into your hands and onto your bod. It came out fast like Silly String but was the consistency of thick, white airy worms that you could pile high in your hand or put on your face to make a fake beard. Oh, and you were supposed to wash yourself with it too and get your dirty self clean, but I was usually too busy playing with the foam and admiring the can to do that.

I loved my Wonder Woman, Smurf and weird nondescript creepy clown Crazy Foam while my brother Mike was loyal to his Spiderman and Batman Crazy Foam.

It was a staple in our Christmas stockings every year – we weren’t allowed to open our stockings until our parents got up, but I liked feeling the items inside and trying to guess. When I felt the shape of a cold metal can deep inside I knew a Christmas morning bath would be in order. How did Santa know I loved Crazy Foam? I guess he knows when you are sleeping, when you are awake, and what you use to wash yourself in the bathtub.

Mike and I would go through a can a week, making white frothy mountains that would float on top of the water we sat in. Who knows what that stuff was made of, but kids back then didn’t have allergic reactions to everything on the planet like they do today.

Oh Crazy Foam, how I wish you were still with us today.

To be able to make just one more Crazy Foam beard?
To watch those white mountains float across the water?
To sit in the tub with Wonder Woman once again?

Honestly, today I would take that over some fancy spa service.
They don’t have cans with Wonder Woman spewing foam on you at the fancy spas.

After eating this............I would get cleaned up with this.


  1. We had it in the 60's. Not superheroes but I do remember a pink can with a ladys face on it. Loved it!! I can still smell it in my mind!

  2. How did I miss this as a kid. WHAT? Damn!