Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Talk dirty to me.

Is your mind in the gutter all the time too, or is it just me?

Some of the names of my favorite products make me both blush as well as go out and purchase blush.

Here are a few loves, starting with one of my all time faves:

Vamp Nail Polish by Chanel.
Vamp it made its debut in 1994, created to be the color of “dried blood.” Can the color of dried blood be sexy, a best-seller and cause product pandemonium? YES! Vamp became one of the most in demand nail polish colors in history. Hell, I was on that bandwagon back in the ‘90’s and I still wear it today. So dark red it is near black in color, I remember first seeing Sandra Bernhard wear it and talk about it incessantly on the Larry King Show. Madonna wore it in her “Take a Bow” video, so how could I not be completely impressed? I love the name Vamp, and surprisingly it doesn’t make me think of Vampires at all. It makes me think of a brothel, or someone at a piano and someone doing a can-can dance. Love. This. Color.

Chubby Stick by Clinique.
Really? They seem so buttoned up over there at Clinique in their white lab coats and then this…Chubby Stick? Hilarious. Or is it just me? I don’t think it’s just me. Chubby Stick goes on like buttah, is nice and shiny and is long lasting. I have it in a shade named Graped-Up. If Clinique were really smart they would have gone totally naughty with the line and called it “Groped-Up.” Seriously, I would have purchased my Chubby Stick way sooner if that would have been the name. Baby steps for prim and proper Clinique I guess. Again, is it just me?

Thrrrob Blush by Benefit.
Billed as a “turned on face powder” in its flirty laced up corset box this blush from Benefit is a cool, innocent pink with a hint of silver sparkle. As always, I enjoy when a company throws in a couple of extra letters into their name, and those extra r’s get me revved up. Thrrrob claims to “simulate the natural flush you get when your heart races.”

Ok, enough dirty talk.
Time to head over to the philosophy counter to wash my mouth out with purity cleanser.

Now this is my kind of sexy centerfold.

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  1. Super fun post - am going to get the Chubby Stick. How could I resist.