Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pink and green.

In the early ‘80’s if you wanted to be cool you needed to have the following:

• Guess jeans
• White penny loafers (with a dime in the little slot, not a penny)
• A collection of IZOD shirts in a variety of colors

Every cool kid wore IZOD shirts, sometimes layering one on top of another, just like we did with our Swatch Watches. By wearing two shirts and three watches, I had no fear of being cold or not knowing what time it was in various time zones.

IZOD was hip and hot at first among the rich, preppy, tennis playing crowd; eventually the trend bled over to us average folk. I would flip that collar up proudly and strut around like a peacock when I wore my light pink IZOD shirt. I felt like a million bucks.

I should have felt like a million bucks because those little alligator shirts were damn expensive. I had to do some extra vacuuming to earn that IZOD money from Mom and Dad. Sometimes I would just run the vacuum over the carpet without even turning it on, just so it would have those fresh vacuum cleaner lines on it and tell my mom I had cleaned for her. Another five bucks in my pocket, thank-you-very-much.

Once again, poor Mom.

In addition to the light pink IZOD I also had a navy and white striped one that was very nautical but way too tight to be considered preppy. I also remember a variety of IZOD knock-offs that my parents insisted were “just as good”, with other animals up in the corner. But having a giraffe up in the left hand corner of your shirt was nowhere near as good as having that bright green alligator.

In fact, it was embarrassing to wear those knock-offs. I was by no means a seamstress but I remember trying to carefully snip an inferior animal off of a cheap shirt hoping to replace it with an alligator from the blue and white IZOD that I had outgrown. Big shock that didn’t work out. I just ended up with a hole in a shirt where my boob should be. That was the opposite of preppy.

Today, Vera Wang makes a fragrance that takes me back to my preppy-wanna-be days. Preppy but with an edge - kind of like me with a hole in my knock off IZOD shirt. Vera Wang is pretty rockin’.

Preppy Princess is a perfect summer scent, light and flirty with hints of red berries, honeysuckle, and the warmth of coconut.

What drew me to try Preppy Princess was the bottle. Again, it has that mix of preppy and rock star, with the pink of my beloved IZOD shirt topped off with a rock star studded crown. When a yummy scent has a cool bottle, it's the icing on the cake – not only will it make me smell pretty, it will look pretty on my dresser - SOLD!

I no longer long for shirts with green gators on them, I never have fit into that whole preppy crowd, but that is more than OK.

I don't need to consult The Preppy Handbook to know if my khakis are the correct shade of khaki, or to figure out the long standing debate of “top siders” vs. “boat shoes”. Besides, my boobs are too big to look cute wearing a sweater draped over my shoulders.

And I have never held a tennis racket in my life.

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  1. I went to a prep school and my friend sandy's father was either the Ceo or owned a huge piece of IZOD. He would ship huge boxes to her of polos, rugbys and very cool but never caught on long sleeved velour IZODS. She shared with all. This was the late 70's. The pink was my favorite!I wore it well into the 80's.