Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't it make my brown eyes blue.

When I was ten years old I was fanatical about The Smurfs.

Not so much the television show, more about collecting the little plastic Peyo figurines.

When I got a good grade, was extra nice to my brother, or skinned my knee after falling off of my bike, my mom or dad would treat me to a walk up to the Chillmark Pharmacy to pick out a new Smurf for my collection.

The Chillmark Pharmacy had Smurfs displayed as if they were precious works of art, set in little scenes upon back lit glass shelves. I would take my time, picking up one, examining it, and carefully placing it back down as to not knock down the stellar display. Each purchase felt like a life and death decision as to which Smurf to bring home with me. I was always anxious to introduce the new figure to the rest of the gang.

“Jokey Smurf, meet Lazy Smurf.”
“Smurfette, meet your village of boyfriends.”

Inferior to the Smurfs were the Clown Arounds. Same size, same shape, same concept as the Smurfs, except Clown Arounds were clowns dressed as cowboys, pirates and superheros.

In my village, the Smurfs kicked the Clown Arounds’s asses.

Half happy.
One Smurf and one Clown Around.

I loved the way Smurfs felt in my hand, I loved the details on each of them, I loved that each of them was that perfect shade of blue.

Blue eyeshadow used to be considered a big no-no for us brown eyed girls.

In fact, too much blue eyeshadow is what prompted my mother to drag me to a surprise makeup intervention at the Clinique counter at age 13.

I didn’t know how to wear blue. I was just copying what all of my friends were doing, which was slapping it on with a spongy applicator followed by blue eyeliner, and topped off with my favorite, blue mascara.

I not only looked like a hooker - I looked like an alien hooker.
Poor Mom.

Today, on most days, I stick to neutral eyeshadow colors. But if I am going out and want to feel smurfy, I will rock the blue shadow. That pop of color really looks great on brown eyes and makes them stand out.

One blue eyeshadow that I am in love with and has lasted me forever is an eyeshadow duo by NARS called Rated R. It includes two dramatic colors, a chartreuse (clown around) green and a cobalt (smurfy) blue.

I know these colors look a bit bold, but come on people, have some fun, it’s just eyeshadow! The blue is really pretty and has a sparkly shimmer to it. Very tropical and fun, I adore both of these colors; although I must say I am partial to the blue.

So next time you have a big night out, and you don’t want to look all made up like a clown, try this smurfy duo.

You won’t be smurfy, I promise smurf.

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