Thursday, May 5, 2011

Um, can we talk a little more about vanilla?

I know, I know what you’re saying, “Enough with the vanilla already."

But you have to understand, it is kind of like a drug for me. Vanilla is my (dare I say it) ”signature scent.”
Wasn’t that a line from Steel Magnolias? Lordy if it is...I’m sorry.

I work in an office and last week we all went out for a fancy lunch. It was “Administrative Professionals Day” a kinder, gentler way of saying “Secretary’s Day.”

On this day every year the whole company goes out to one of those fancy, old-school boy’s clubs where we are treated to a buffet that most people go crazy for. Don’t get me wrong when I say I totally appreciate a free lunch. But the idea of pork loin and a baked potato in the middle of the day just doesn’t really do it for me.

Guess what does do it for me?

While everyone else was chowing down on shrimp cocktail and swordfish, I was secretly saving room for the good stuff. Why waste time on swordfish, who has calories to spare for that?

They baked all the desserts in-house, at this club - lots of fancy-schmancy truffles, petit fours and dark chocolate this and black forest that.

I grabbed my plate and went right towards the three-tiered mama of a coconut cake, vanilla pudding, and topped it all off with a big slab of pound cake with fresh whipped cream (there was a bowl of rhubarb meant to go on the pound cake, but no thanky.) This was the whitest plate of food you have ever seen - I’m talkin’ a good old fashioned white out. It was as if the treats were non-existent, they were so camouflaged on the white plate.

Nothing says Happy Secretary’s Day like a gi-normous plate of vanilla based goodness!

I have no shame in saying I ate every last crumb and it was totally delicious.

That cake kicked the shrimp cocktail’s tail.

I came back to the office on a buzzy high of sugar, frosting, and more sugar.

The following Saturday I was at Sephora and gravitated towards the perfumes. A few years back I had received a delicious Vanilla-Grapefruit perfume that I loved. I recognized the package and sprayed it on…yummy, warm and sweet. The scent took me back a few years in time; it’s amazing how a perfume can do that. Like if I smelled stinky-old-lady Fendi perfume, I may feel like an insecure teenager again. And anytime I smell Polo cologne I think of every guy I dated between seventh and tenth grade.

But back to the good stuff…this perfume, by a company called LAVANILA Laboratories swept me off in a wave of goodness. I checked out the other scents in the line and here is what they had to offer:

· Vanilla Lavender
· Pure Vanilla
· Vanilla Grapefruit
· Vanilla Coconut

You gotta admire a company that sticks to one thing and perfects it…especially if that something is vanilla.

I put the grapefruit on one arm and the coconut on the other ~ I smelled just like my giant slab of cake!

LAVANILA uses only natural, skin-friendly ingredients that don’t irritate the skin or the senses.

At Sephora they have a mini-rollerball set featuring all four scents that is on my secret wish list, since they are all so delectable.

Next year on Secretary's Day I hope to not be a secretary anymore.
I envision myself being able to have my cake and eat it too.

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