Monday, May 16, 2011

Pretty in pink (isn't she).

I heart James Spader.

I love kinky James Spader in Sex, Lies and Videotape, Crash and one of my favorite movies, Secretary.

But most of all, I love my Pretty in Pink James Spader.

In the 80’s there were a million teenage-movies with the preppy rich a-hole character. Think of Johnny in The Karate Kid, Ted McGinley’s character in Revenge of the Nerds or Bill Paxton’s awesome older brother Chet in
Weird Science.

Bad, bad, bad, bad boys - you make me feel so good.

But in my book, no bully even came close to Steff, in Pretty in Pink.

Sure I loved Jon Cryer’s Duckie and worshipped Molly Ringwald’s style as Andie.
(Sorry Andrew McCarthy, but I don’t have much to say about you…)

But Steff, everybody hated you!
You ruled that high school like you were the principal, walking the halls while smoking, tormenting the ladies, and hosting a party at your parents house while they were out of town like Hef would at the Playboy Mansion. Your style was quintessential 80’s prep - crisp light pink oxford button down shirt, white blazer/pants, and white slip-on shoes with no socks, naturally.

The thing that seals the deal for me with Spader is that snarky a-hole look he can give like nobody else can.
That look to me? Total turn on. Rich, preppy, James Spader turn on.

Big meanie.

Without him, Pretty in Pink would be pretty bad.
It would be more Mediocre in Mauve.

I never thought I was a pinky girl, but I have come to love it more over the last few years. A pretty pink sweater here, a pretty pink bag there…and of course, pretty pink make up.

Second Skin Cheek Colour in Lotus Pink by laura mercier.
I love the flush I get from this blush. Not a color I ever would have tried on my own without the girl at the counter suggesting it, because it looks so pink in the package. Goes on soft and pretty and natural. My go to color when I want a hint of color.

Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Impressive by MAC.
I can hardly stop talking about this lipstick. I am a lip gloss girl by nature but this lipstick; I think it has changed me. The most moist, shiny, hydrating lipstick I think I have ever used. There, I said it. I always top a lipstick off with a gloss but with this one, no need to. The color Impressive is a gorgeous pink that I flip my lid over. Love.

Ballet Slippers nail polish by essie.
Nothing says polished like clean, light pink, pretty nails. I love the size of the little essie polish but I wish they would make this color in a bigger bottle since I go through it so quickly. This color is for sure one of my go to products, I love the way it goes on, the way it is so long lasting, and the pretty pink-pinkiness of the color. This nail polish is the closest I will ever get to a pair of actual ballet slippers.

So there are a few of my latest pink loves, starting with an old love, Mr. Spader.

If I went to high school with you Steff, I would have partied with you, wore your mothers furs and pearls, and smoked in the halls right alongside you.

Boston Legal James Spader, I am going to have to block you from my mind.
You can go hang out with Andrew McCarthy.


  1. Thanks for the yummy thoughts of James Spader in Secretary to start out my morning! :D

  2. Love all things Spader...from Endless Love through his performance on Broadway in David Mamet's RACE; to me the guy just rules!

  3. Brooke - I can't tell you how many times I've see that movie, a sexy movie with a great story. And James Spader, xo Mr. Grey!

    Anon - I agree, he totally rules!

  4. I just watched The Scretary again the other night. I have always more than appreciated his a-holeness as well. Espe
    cially in Less Than Zero.

  5. Good ol' pretty in pink. All time fav color, totally rad movie....back then! Know every word by heart. Gotta get some of that nail polish you mention. Show it to me next time you wear it! Xo