Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Frizz ‘fo shizz.

Frizz has been after me for a loooooong time.

It especially likes to hook up with me when it rains, is foggy or muggy outside.

In high school we got together quite a bit when I lived in the muggiest place on the planet, Tampa, Florida. My friend Susanne would work on my hair when we would get ready to go out, and if time permitted before school in the morning. She would lift a section of my giant mane and rat it up old school style with a pick, spray severely, blow on it with her “magic breath,” or use the hairdryer, and release. The result was gigantic-frizz city, and I loved it and wanted more. Frizz and I were going steady. People were talking.

Senior picture frizz......................18th birthday frizz...................Everyday frizz with friend.

But frizz is also a crazy stalker, and it followed me out here to the rainiest place on the planet, Portland, Oregon.

As a curly-haired girl, frizz has been an issue my whole life.

When people with straight hair say they have “bad hair days,” I want to say, “You have no idea.”

In the ‘80’s the frizz worked to my advantage, it gave me the height and width that I craved. Today, I still enjoy having big hair but want it on a more human level.

I have two frizz control products that I consider my staples.

Living Proof makes a No Frizz Wave Curl Styling Cream. I love any product that is that specific. You are just made for curly hair? I choose you! I apply this to my wet hair after getting out of the shower and blow dry with my diffuser. Guess what? My curls are more defined, my hair looks shinier and…less frizzy. People notice and comment so I know it is really working for me. This styling cream contains something called PolyfluoroEster which is supposed to actually block humidity. If they put a coat of PolyfluoroEster over the state of Florida I might actually consider moving back there.

Schwarzkopf makes another frizz fighter that I like called Zero Frizz 100% Rescue Corrective Hair Serum. The word “serum” sounds very scientific and I like the dramatic idea of being “rescued” from anything. I have been using this product for a while and like it especially on days that I don’t wash my hair, as it tames the bed-head frizz so I look presentable at work.

Although I will never be free of frizz, I find that these two products have helped keep it at bay. Now instead of living in the same apartment complex with me, frizz lives in a condo in a suburb about 45 minutes away.

I can deal with that.

The perfect frizz fighting cocktail.

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