Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cult of personality.

I got my first job when I was 16 years old at what I thought was the ultimate place for a 16-year-old to work.

No fast food joint or bagging at a grocery store for this girl, my first job was working at West Coast Video Store in Tampa, Florida.

A funny name for a small, family-owned video store on the east coast, but it was totally awesome.

I loved all types of movies, especially cult and horror movies. My taste in film was a bonus when I was hanging out with the fellas, but my girlfriends…not so much.

I had a theme party where I served orange food and orange soda and made my poor friends watch A Clockwork Orange with me. Imagine a bunch of 15-year-old girls all in their pajamas, innocently eating Cheetos, circus peanuts, and nachos and wondering what the hell they had gotten themselves into. I couldn’t understand for the life of me why nobody thought that Stanley Kubrick was as much of a genius as I did.

My next theme party was a little (actually a lot) raunchier.

A guest at my Pink Flamingos party actually threw up and asked to please go home. No amount of cotton candy or pink lemonade could keep the stop button on the VCR from getting pushed about 30 minutes into the film.

How disappointing for a 16-year-old girl who loved movies.
I figured people just didn’t see art the same way that I did.

I guess most girls at sleepover parties were busy painting each others nails as opposed to watching stuff like that.

Today, I happily paint my own toes while I watch whatever movie I want.

Two colors from OPI that I love always make me think about my theme parties gone wrong.

Atomic Orange is one of the prettiest, brightest damn shades of orange I have ever seen and is gorgeous on tanned tootsies peeking out of sexy sandals. Nothing says Florida to me like bright coral-colored polish.

Pink Flamenco is like a hot pink explosion. For sure a summertime staple, it’s a blinding blast of color that says get me to the beach, pronto. Wear this polish while you lay out in front of the pink flamingos in your front yard.

Eventually, through my Rocky Horror community, I ended up making connections with people who shared my taste in movies and wanted to come eat Cheetos and watch Kubrick with me. God bless Tim Curry. Perhaps it’s time for a triple feature! We could watch:

• The Rocky Horror Picture Show
• Clue
• Legend

And paint our toes in OPI’s Curry Up Don’t Be Late and eat Panang Curry from my favorite Thai place.

What time can you come over?

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  1. For Clue, I'll be there any time you want me!