Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You've got (actual) mail.

Remember as a kid when getting the mail was exciting? Waiting for a letter from your pen pal, a postcard from your cool uncle who was backpacking in Europe, or those x-ray specs you ordered from the back of your comic book?

As a teenager, the mail took a more ominous turn. Was a letter on the way from a teacher regarding missed assignments? A phone bill that included payment due for hours of conversations with Danny from Ohio that I had met over spring break? Or the worst…report card time? The mail had to be intercepted before my mother got to it.

Adult mail is usually boring. Junk and bills. Boring and not fun.

But the other day I got something in the mail that made me feel like a kid again.

A padded envelope showed up unexpectedly. I opened it up and it was from a friend of mine that knows my passion for product and my love of a good deal.

It had a sweet note card with a pink frosted cupcake on the front of it.


This mascara starts off by simply having a fantastically kitschy name – The Falsies Volum’Express Mascara by Maybelline. Could you ask for a better name? The Falsies? Come on! She wrote in her note that the name, the hot magenta tube, the fat and flexible wand, and the six-dollar price tag had sold her. She raved that she was smitten and that since I am a “product guru” (high praise!) she would love to know what I think.

Oh, I love what I do!

I have had other people comment on The Falsies so I was excited to try it. Let me report that I can totally see what the hot fuss is about. The brush is curved and thick and puts a really nice, dramatic, black as night coat of mascara on my puny lashes.

And after trying it, I get the name - I stopped thinking of fake boobies (finally) and I thought about fake eyelashes.

So I left for my day feeling flirty and foxy and wearing my falsies (tee-hee.) I also left feeling lucky that someone took the time to pop a surprise in the mail to me and make my day. I am totally paying it forward. Get ready; a lip gloss is in a padded envelope on its way to someone out there.

This............................not that.


  1. Will try falsies! I have been loving Lash Blast (also by mabeline), but totally open to try something new!

    I do this trick and curious if anyone out there does anything similar or has any thoughts b/c it seems kind of weird.

    First, I LOVE waterproof mascara b/c without it, by the end of the day, I get a little bit-o-the under eye smudge effect. However, I do NOT enjoy trying to take off the waterproof mascara.

    Solution: I do a coat of regular pink & green then do a second coat of waterproof lash blast (or Falsies). I do not get an under eye smudge AND I can wash it off with soap and water b/c the waterproof doesn't have as tight of a hold on my delicate lashes since there's a pink & green barrier!

    Am I crazy or genius?

  2. Ummm, Brooke you are a crazy-genius. I am totally trying your trick.

  3. Falsies waterproof is my vacation favorite!