Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rest in peace.

Nothing is more upsetting than losing a product that you love to the Beauty Cemetery.

Here lies Prescriptives, gone too soon.

Prescriptives is survived by her mother, Estee Lauder, and leaves behind a loyal following. She is missed by all who were touched by her sweet signature scent, yellow “Magic” powder, and perfect foundation brush.

How does a line that so many people love die so young? Life is cruel, I guess.

Here are some reasons I miss Prescriptives:

• Their custom blend foundation. If you went to the Prescriptives counter and sat down in their makeup chair, you had better be prepared to get a stripe of foundation painted across your jaw line to figure out your perfect match. Total flashbacks to Duran Duran’s “Hungry like the Wolf” video where the tigress woman was being chased by Simon LeBon with sexy-tribal stripe-y makeup.

• Calyx perfume, their signature scent! I wore it for a brief stint, and it reminded me of a burst of springtime on many a grey day. Although I did learn that you had to use it sparingly--too much could prove to be deadly. I was on a date once with a guy who kept coughing, and later found out it was due to Calyx overload.

• Their pencil eyeliner was the creamiest, softest, and easiest to apply pencil eyeliner I have ever used in my life. It was a golden brown color that really brought out the brown in my eyes. I still have a nub of it at home in my makeup drawer. It is pretty much unusable but I can’t bear to throw it away. I guess my secret hope is that the Prescriptives counter will return to the mall someday, and I would have this shred of an eyeliner pencil with me to bring to them and yell, “I NEED MORE OF THIS!”

Prescriptives, I will continue to look for you at the mall in the hopes that you may someday make a comeback. If I ever decide to get rid of that nubby eyeliner I will be sure to give it a proper burial in my backyard, in a chartreuse green box with a chartreuse green tombstone that would simply read, “RIP Best Eyeliner Ever”.

It's hard for me to let go of a good thing.


  1. I also cried when Estee Lauder stopped carrying my foundation. It covered every red spot, wrinkle and dark eye circle. It's hard to find a replacement to the products you love!!

  2. Calyx takes me back to a pretty girl I once worked with who wore it every day. Whenever I smell it I think of her beauty and wonder if she still looks as pretty 18 years later.

  3. Sus, so sad...what did you end up replacing it with? Have you tried MAC foundation? Great coverage.

  4. Trace, are you talking about me here? I wore Caylyx working at Hull's Pharmacy! And yes, I am still just as pretty at 38! ;-)