Monday, April 11, 2011

Purple reign.

Who else remembers those little radios you could bring in the shower with you?
Back in the day I needed one because I could not possibly last fifteen minutes without music blaring.
I needed music blasting while I put conditioner in my hair.
Even commercials. I needed commercials screaming at me while I was lathering up my bod.
Eventually I moved on to a small tape deck that lived in the bathroom that I shared with my brother. Free from commercials, now I had a cassette player, no, a boom box, very high tech.
I recall one Christmas morning getting the soundtrack to Purple Rain from Santa or Rudolph or Crystal. (You know, Crystal? Frosty’s wife??? My mother, bless her heart continued to make our Christmas gifts from The Grinch, Hermie the Elf, and yes, Crystal, up through our adult life. Very sweet.) I don’t remember which character Purple Rain was from, but hot damn, I was happy to have it.
I remember going to take my shower that Christmas morning, tearing the cellophane off of that little plastic box, and popping the tape into the bathroom boom box. It was blaring so loud that my dad kept banging on the locked door (of course) and hollering at me to turn it down. At least I think he was, I don’t know for sure; because I was too busy listening to Let’s Go Crazy while shaving my legs. It was Christmas after all.
The color purple always makes me think of ‘80’s Prince, not change your name to a symbol ‘90’s Prince, or modern day Jehovah’s Witness door-to-door Prince.
I like my Purple One suggestively crawling out of a bathtub in my direction.
Purple is the perfect alternative to black.
I always feel good when I wear it in my clothing and in my makeup. Here are three purple products that I am currently loving:
BeautiControl Intense Mineral Shadow in Drama Queen – Vibrant and long lasting shadow, no primer needed, this mineral shadow lasts all day long.
Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes in Starry Plum – This liner is my replacement liner for my beloved Prescriptives eyeliner that has passed on. I never thought a plum eyeliner would work for everyday wear, but on brown eyes it is truly natural and really, really, pretty.
MAC Tinted Lipglass in Pop Mode – A gorgeous plum that I wear over lipstick or by itself, I have bought this color for years, and it’s one of my go - to glosses!
(On a side note, every time I open up a new box of Dove soap I sing When Doves Cry in my head. For some reason, Prince and the bathroom will forever go together for me.)


  1. The only good thing about Prince being a Jehovah's Witness is that he might come to my house someday. Otherwise, it's nutty.

  2. I suggest the next chapter in your Prince series be Raspberry Beret.
    How does one little man ooze so much sexiness?

  3. I love me some BC Drama Queen for sure~!

  4. I usually don't care for a guy I could carry, but I'd make an exception for Prince!

    Luz, I'm with you on the drama queen, love it.