Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eye believe in miracles.

I love the philosophy makeup line.

I love their shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath combos, especially their vanilla birthday cake, spiced cookie, and cinnamon buns “flavors”. What can I say? I like my cookie to smell like a cookie and my buns to smell like buns.

I love the nostalgic photographs on their packaging, and their decision to never use a capital letter – adorable!

They also have really cute names for their skincare line - hope in a jar, purity facial cleanser, the miracle worker, etc. Again, adorable with a lowercase “a.”

I decided to try their ‘eye believe’ eye and upper lip cream. I am not kidding when I say this product fights wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes and soothes the lines above your upper lip. You know, those lines we get from smoking (not anymore), drinking through a straw (don’t do it ladies) or whistling (I highly advise against whistling. I had to break up with a guy once because when he wasn’t speaking or eating he was whistling a jaunty tune. It made my heart race and gave me horrible anxiety.)

Eye believe has a nice velvety texture, and has some substance to it, which I like. It doesn’t run off after I apply it at night, especially when I am yawning my head off, which usually causes my eyes to tear up.

I am also trying it on the parentheses lines on the sides of my mouth because I saw a reader review on philosophy’s website saying it fights those as well. (Please don’t tell them I am using it on unauthorized body parts.)

I think I will suggest a “don’t give me no lip” lower lip cream to philosophy.

The photo on the package could be a little girl pouting, sticking her bottom lip out, wearing a birthday hat and patent leather Mary Jane shoes.

You’re welcome philosophy!

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