Friday, April 1, 2011

All the world is waiting for you.

They sure did cause me some problems during my prepubescent years.

I developed early, getting my girls long before any of my friends did.

I would guess that I was between ten and eleven, and tried my damndest to contain them in my underoos “bras”, which were like mini tank tops that I stuffed my increasingly growing bazooms into.

The two pairs of underoos that I remember vividly were:

• Wonder Woman
• Betty and Veronica from the “Archie” comic books

Like any other child of the ‘70’s my brother Mike and I would get up religiously on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. We would “hanker for a hunk of cheese” with Time for Timer, while waiting for one of our favorites, Superfriends, to come on. Wonder Woman was my hero on the show - I mean really, who else could a young girl focus on? Jana from the Wonder Twins? I think not. Aquaman? Maybe.

I loved my Wonder Woman Underoos.

It's underwear that's fun to wear!

My memory of the Betty and Veronica ones, is not as warm and fuzzy. The upper part of this pair was not a full tank top; it was much smaller, more like a bra. It had the word “Underoos” or “Betty” or “Veronica” or something like that screaming across the center of it in dark lettering. I remember choosing to wear this “bra” as opposed to my training bra, which I hated and did not want any of my friends to see showing through my clothing since none of them were wearing bras yet.

My mom would ask, “Are you wearing your bra? Not the Underoos, but your real bra?” Once, when I was wearing a white shirt, I tried to trick her by putting layers and layers of masking tape over the wording on the front of the underoos so it wouldn’t show through.

She didn’t buy it. Stupid Betty and Veronica.

I no longer wear Underoos (normally), but my love of Wonder Woman has endured - especially since MAC is featuring this really fun line right now that takes me right back to Saturday mornings. Their Wonder Woman Colour Collection features vibrant, luscious colors that will help you catch your nemesis with your golden lasso and gorgeous red lips. There are eye shadow palettes, compacts, and mascara all available in the line but the lipstick in ‘Russian Red’ is my favorite. The packaging is so nostalgic and the color is creamy and gorgeous.

You don’t see any Betty and Veronica lipsticks floating around out there now do you?
Didn’t think so.
"In your satin tights,
Fighting for your rights
And the old Red, White and Blue."


  1. Hilarious. I am amazed at your recall. Hankering for a hunk of cheese, indeed. Dman, you took me back! I wanted to the bra underoos so bad! I hoped it would somehow magically give me boobs to fill it with. No such luck. To this day. sigh...

  2. I begged for a training bra, but like Eleanor, I have nothing to 'train' let alone fill it with. I remember wishing for the day when some boy would sneak up on me and snap my bra strap, it would mean that I had arrived on the threshold of womanhood.