Monday, March 14, 2011

You're either an eyelash curler girl or you're not.

I curl my eyelashes. Everyday. Even on Sunday when I try to give my face a break and wear no makeup. I have done this pretty faithfully since the eighth grade. Is this is why I have puny eyelashes? Maybe. I've spent years crimping and curling even doing it on top of old, dry mascara (yes, ouch, and yes I have done it ~ lots). When I pull out that big old tool in front of people they have one of the following reactions:

  1. "What brand of curler do you use?"
  2. "You curl your eyelashes?"
  3. "What the hell is that?"
Reaction three often comes from a guy.
I used a Shu Uemura curler forever, a cult fave that you can no longer buy at Nordy's or Sephora or anywhere else (WHY???) So now I use the Sephora one which I actually like a lot.

On top of my perfectly curled lashes I of course love a good mascara. Believe me, I have shelled out some serious cash on some brands that have failed to thrill me.

My friend Molly is the Queen of Mascara. Seriously, she has the prettiest blue eyes and her eyelashes always look amazing - not in a creepy tarantula-Kardashian kind of way but in a clean, beautiful, everyday way. There are not many women where you notice not only their eyes, but their eyelashes, and Molly is that girl. Here are her picks for favorite mascaras:

Those heated eyelash curlers have always fascinated me, but I am sure I would burn my eyeball and pretty lashes aren't worth going blind. For now I will stick to my "what the hell is that" contraption until I win the lottery and can afford to be like Brooke Shields and get a prescription for that Latisse stuff.


  1. Oh I'm an eyelash curler girl, yes indeedio. It's one of my "desert island" items. I curl my lashes every day, naturally they point straight down. I think I have overdone it, I have a small patch on my right eye where 1/3 of the lashes fall out, and then slowly grow back over a few months. I usually have to add extra eyeliner there until they do. My husband always winces when he gets close and asks "so, how they comin along?" A few months of the year, I have a damn fish eye...maybe we should have a latisse bake sale.

  2. I totally dug through your archives just to find this post before I go out and buy new mascara :) Happily I use MAC and was going to get that's nice to know that I have Molly's (and your) approval! Love the tips, lady!