Friday, March 18, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Hairspray has always been very important to me. Very important.I was born bald as a
cue-ball and stayed that way until I was about two. Then I had very thick, wavy, kind of wiry hair as a kid until puberty hit. Then BLAMMO. Curly hair! Not just curly hair, big, crazy wild curly hair out of the blue and totally weird for the formerly bald me. The curls came at a good time though - we were fast approaching the '80's and the height of the big hair phase. Now, I may not have been the prettiest girl, I may not have been the most popular girl, but damn, I had good hair.

I used my Stiff Stuff hairspray (which was basically glue) and made my hair HUGE. I would spray it on wet hair and use my hot pink and turquoise Goody pick to pull my bangs up high before shooting it with hot air from the blow dryer. I was 5'3 but grew to 5'5 with the hair. Since I was chubby, I thought that the big hair kind of balanced me out and made me look smaller (it did not, I just looked like a chubby girl with big hair).

I still love my curls, and my hair is still bigger than most, but I went to the doctor last week and discovered I am back to 5'3 again, which is good.
I have a new favorite hairspray (sorry Stiff Stuff) that I have been using for years now, Kenra Volume Spray 25. This hairspray is a six-time stylist choice award winner for favorite hairspray, and those stylists know their hairspray. The '25' hold is just strong enough for my mane and doesn't leave it sticky, not that it would matter. I mean I have a big thick head of curly hair so no one running their fingers through it anyway.

Cue Ball + Divine Intervention = Hair that will not fit in frame

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