Friday, March 4, 2011

Ummmmm....I like lip gloss

Nothing makes my day like a nice lip gloss. If I am feeling blue, spending $15 bucks on a tube of something shiny and pink can make me feel better. I rarely use lipstick at all anymore, lipgloss is just better.

There has to be that perfect marriage of not to sticky and just sticky enough to make me smile really big. I own so many lipglosses that I have three bags in my purse devoted to it.

MAC lipglass, to me, is like the Madonna to the Lady Gaga that is every other gloss.

Star Nova is my go to MAC color, I always use it as a topper on gifts to girlfriends because it looks so damn good on everybody. MAC lipglass has a brush applicator, which I also prefer to the sponge tip or the flat plastic slant, which is my least favorite applicator. Another brand that I really really like is laura mercier. The gloss goes on really nice and smooth, it's not gloppy or sticky and the colors really pop! A trick that Heather at the downtown Portland Nordstrom counter taught me was to mix the Rose with the Violet, I am loving that combo as well as each of them on their own.

Lipgloss make me happy.

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