Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Start Me Up.

I always loved the Stones.

My love affair with Mick started when I was around ten years old and was living in New York. Twice a year, on Easter and Thanksgiving, my family would six hours upstate to Rochester to visit my mother’s family, which consisted of my grandparents and two uncles - Uncle Tom and Uncle Bob.

We would always see much more of Uncle Bob, (or ‘UB’ as we nicknamed him), since he was still living at my grandparent’s home where we stayed. UB was in his early 20’s and I loved to hang out in his room .It was the coolest room I had ever seen - tiki gods, coconut heads, posters, and record albums. Lots of albums.

I loved taking my time to leaf through the records and admire them all, reading the liner notes, and checking out the artwork. Certain ones really made an impression on me, like ‘Candy-O’ by the Cars and ‘Revolver’ by the Beatles, but the ones that stood out the most were by the Rolling Stones. UB had every single Rolling Stones album.
My top three?

1. Tattoo You – Just sexy and hot and fun.
2. Some Girls – Not their best album by any means, but one of the best album covers/jackets ever. I loved sliding the overlay back and forth making the different faces go in and out of the wigs.
3. Sticky Fingers – The ultimate. You know, the one with the crotch and the real zipper on the cover. I would zip and unzip the fly on those jeans until my fingers got little red marks on them.

I would daydream about Mick all the time, getting lost in my thoughts especially at church. We were Catholic, so I had a good hour to envision our first kiss and plan our wedding. What did he see in Bianca anyway? Since I was at church I would say a little prayer for him as well, I mean, hey, I was in church, I might as well, right?

I would send him a card on his birthday and I still think of him on July 26th every year. At first I would send cards to the general fan club, but then…I got a real address for him from a girl named Leann, who was the only other girl I knew that liked the Stones. I had no idea where she got the address from, but at that age it all felt very secret and real. I loved walking to the post office and sending something airmail. Whoever got those cards and letters over in jolly old England must have laughed their ass off.

In March of 1983 I was twelve years old and must have gotten some bad information. See the diary entries below, from my ‘Hello Kitty Friendly Diary’:

I refer to an attempted ‘assassination’ of Mick Jagger in a previous diary entry. Poor young me, I remember being so stressed out about Mick’s safety and well being. Thank God he is safe and sound today. When I do make it to church I can’t help but smile as I quietly pray for my family, friends, and automatically throw in a little shout out at the end for him.

God Bless you Mick.

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