Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shellac Attack.

I don't know about you Shellac...
I am a big time manicure fan. I like to go every two weeks and treat myself to a cheapie indulgence. My grandmother always would comment if we went to a store or a restaurant and somebody's nail polish was chipped she would dissaprove of how bad it looked and lecture that your hands are a reflection of who you are and that you should take care of them.

I love dark polish. The deep reds, browns, and the hot blue-y-blacks. But I usually go with a neutral pale pink so the chips won't be so obvious. Then my friend Kristen told me about Shellac...she had the same gorgeous red polish on for almost three weeks and not a chip! And even better it's not 'fake nails', it's not super-expensive and doesn't take two hours in the salon.

So I tried it.

The first Shellac encounter was with red polish, three weeks and not a chip, I was SOLD!
I told all of my friends about it and was pumped.

I went back for more, french mani (short and clean, not 'Real Housewives') and had one chip towards the end of week two. Hmmmm I thought, but tried again.

Third trip, I chose red again and uh-oh. Not even two weeks into it and three bright red perfect nail shaped bursts of color popped off my nails. This weekend I will be needing a manicure. Do I give it another chance? Or go back to ol' reliable ballet slipper pink?

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