Monday, March 7, 2011

Not all eyeliners are created equally...

I like super soft smudgy pencil eyeliner. I will do the powder/slanted brush too, but I really prefer to hold that pencil in my hand and draw it on, like an artist on the canvas that is my face. Nothing worse than a dry pencil that sticks and gives you that dot-dot-dot look on your top lid, especially right out of the package, UNACCEPTABLE! I have been known to return many an eyeliner after the first try ~ no second chances, if it sticks it's going back. Which I why I was beyond-thrilled to find my new absolute must have fave eyeliner ever:

Tarte emphasEYES aqua-gel eyeliner. Not a bump or a dash or a dot-dot-dot effect to be had, this eyeliner is super-creamy and goes on like a dream. So creamy, it almost feels wet but somehow manages to last all day. It comes in a variety of great fashion forward colors and just kicks other eyeliners asses. Get tarte-y, you won't be sorry.

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