Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'Night Mother.

Holy crap I am tired.
I have kids. Both boys. Two of them.
There is one big difference between me and the kids. I enjoy sleep – they do not.

They fight going to sleep every night and they call from upstairs with various requests ranging from "I want a story" to “I’m hungry”. It is hard to relax with two small, loud people shouting constant demands at you. Sometimes, one of them will come into our bedroom at 2:00 a.m. with bathroom issues, a request for a glass of water and conveniently for them, they fall right back to sleep. I do not. My mind starts going over everything I need to do and doesn’t stop – we need dish soap…milk…did I send a thank you card to my dad and his wife for the birthday gift? What should I wear to work tomorrow, etc. until it is 6:00 a.m. and almost time to get up for work.

Guess what? I have dark circles under my eyes.

Oh my God, I sometimes think about the glory days just a few years back. It seems like a million-bazillion years ago when I had long, restful evenings - eating dinner in the living room while watching Entertainment Tonight and The Simpsons, watching endless hours of crappy TV and movies and staying up until 2:00 a.m. on a Friday night and sleeping in until 10:00, maybe 11:00 on Saturday morning.

People keep saying those days will come again, and I hope I can retrain my brain to sleep in. I know when my boys are 16 and sleeping until 1:00 in the afternoon I will be hounding them to get out of bed, just like my parents did to me when I was a teenager. There was no reason to get up, they just didn’t want me sleeping the day away. I can hear the “because I said so” coming out of my mouth already. Ugh.

To keep those circles covered up I had to find a certain type of concealer, one made specifically for under the eyes. I am thankful every day for Revlon ColorStay Under Eye Concealer. The coverage is so good you would never guess that I am running on fumes.

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  1. Hi Lori! Thanks for the tip! Between long Minnesota winters and 3 small kids I look like I got punched in the nose the circles under my eyes are so dark... but I wasn't sure what to try.... I am gonna go get me some of this tomorrow!