Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's my birthday too.

I am a big-time birthday girl, always have been and always will be.

I love buying a special someone a birthday present, going to birthday parties, and especially birthday cake.


My mom and dad always made my birthday so special for me.
When I woke up on my birthday morning, I’d run downstairs, and laid out on the couch were beautifully wrapped gifts with perfect ribbons and bows that my mom would take the time to create. There was also usually a banner hanging in the living room, along with a balloon or two.

My mom would bake beautiful cakes - remember “doll cakes”?
Half of a Barbie Doll + half of a round cake = birthday magic for a little girl.

And remember when our moms would dress us up a little bit to go to a friend’s birthday party? Girls came to a party wearing sweet dresses, knee socks and Mary Jane shoes.

One party that especially stands out for me was for my eleventh birthday, which was a slumber party. We always had an “activity” at my parties – and that year, my girlfriends and I made ribbon barrettes. We braided two different colors of ribbon onto a goody barrette and let the ribbon hang down to the length of our hair, and then added beads or feathers to the bottom to flow with our lovely locks.

After eating insane amounts of pizza, cake, and ice cream, we wet each others hair and then put it in several chunky braids before bedtime so that when we woke up, our hair would look all glamorous and wavy.

MTV was new and exciting in 1982. They had maybe fifteen videos in rotation, and one of them was “Centerfold” by the J. Giles Band. Every time the video came on throughout the night (which was a lot) my friends and I would get out of our sleeping bags and dance our asses off, hooting and hollering like wild animals. But my friend Susie would only open her eyes when Def Leppard’s “Bringing on the Heartbreak” video came on so she could mouth every word of the song (how cool that she knew every word) and kiss the screen when Rick Savage, the bass player, came on the screen. Who likes the bass player? Susie did.

Finally, after being woke up for the umpteenth time and having issued several warnings to us to go to sleep, my dad stormed downstairs and told us to simmer down. But in the morning, he was friendly again, and made us a big breakfast. Then my tired guests were sent on their way, with their beady-feathery creations in hand to show off at school on Monday.

These days I have discovered someone else that likes to celebrate birthdays.

They like to give presents - fun, delicious yummy presents!

This year, as a “beautyinsider” (it’s free to become one at any Sephora store or online, you get a card and can redeem points for perks) I got a six-ounce bottle of the sweetest “Happy Birthday Beautiful” shampoo/bubble bath/shower gel from Philosophy for my birthday. Do you know what it smells like? Vanilla birthday cake. Did I mention I love cake?

Sephora, you know me so well...it’s no homemade ribbon barrette with feathers, but it is pretty sweet of you to think of me every year.


  1. I too am now a 'beautyinsider' with Sephora. Too bad I have to wait until December for MY 'Happy Birthday Beautiful' treat!

  2. Wow! Jake looks just like that picture of you, the one on the far right of the 3 pics!