Thursday, March 24, 2011

Honey, draw me a bath.

Here are things I like:

• A hot bath
• Crème Brûlée
• Twenty minutes of solitude

Now I am not suggesting eating while in the tub, particularly a hot tub. An ex-boyfriend of mine liked running hot baths for me and then serving me things like Brie while I soaked away. Let me tell you something, this will make you very nauseous and does not make for a romantic evening.

Shortly after this past Christmas, A male co-worker asked,

“Lori, what was the best Christmas gift that you got?"

“This amazing Crème Brûlée bubble bath and body lotion,” I answered without hesitation. 
“It’s really decadent and makes me smell yummy.”

“Uh…wow, that sounds great!” he said uncomfortably, looking at me like I had crossed a line by talking about being in a bathtub and rubbing lotion on my bare limbs.

But, I spoke the truth.

Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Honey Bath and Crème Brûlée Soufflé Body Crème are wonderfully decadent and, let me say again, yummy. I don’t really take a lot of baths, I usually find them to be boring - but I love the idea of soaking inside a giant hot Twinkie, and that is exactly what this feels like to me.

The bubble bath is thick and has the consistency of honey; it even comes with a wooden honey drizzler like you would get with an actual jar fresh from the beekeeper. You hold the wand under the faucet, and once the burnt sugar sweetness hits the running water, you know you are in for a treat. It smells like a bakery and the bubbles are aplenty.

After your bake yourself in your hot bath, you can then frost yourself with the thick body lotion that comes with the set. This stuff is like crack and I have to dole it out so I don’t run out of it too quickly.

If you are going to a wedding shower and are tempted to get the bride one of those dumb kitchen torches she has registered for to make crème brûlée, my advice would be to get her this instead. She will enjoy it more, and God knows she’ll use it more often.

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  1. Um hello! As a lover of baths, how do I not know about this???!!! I need some!